"What distinguishes Banks Contracting is their commitment to expanding opportunities to others beyond their self-interest – including to individuals who have now achieved enough success to compete head-to-head with Banks Contracting on new business ventures. Sometimes success is measured by how we assist others in broadening opportunities within the community."
  Scott Levitan, Senior Vice President
  Forest City – Science & Technology Group

"Banks Contracting's brand and credibility are the cornerstones of its success. Their commitment to high standards is consistently expressed throughout their work. The company grew from a solid construction and construction management company to one which now has sizeable presence in the Maryland and District of Columbia regions."
  Michael E. Cryor, President
  The Cryor Group, LLC

"Banks Contracting is solution oriented and can get things done."
  Donald Fry, President and Chief Executive Officer
  Greater Baltimore Committee

"Banks Contracting is very much sought after and is currently working on some of the largest construction projects in the region."
  Diane L. Bell-McKoy, President and Chief Executive Officer
  Associated Black Charities – Maryland